I think there are two things in life people, especially women, can really appreciate. One: fashion and second… Love. My love story began a few months ago.

I got in touch with Charles via the internet. He currently lives and works in Ghana, while I’m based in The Netherlands. After four months of talking continuously, we met each other for the first time in Amsterdam on December the 22nd 2014. Our first date was so exciting and special at the same time. We connected at the very first moment and we fell in love quite fast. After spending only a few days together in such a short time – he could only stay for a few weeks – our connection grew stronger and we knew that we wanted nothing else than to be together. That’s where our adventure began.

He went back to Ghana and so we had to miss each other for four months. At the end of April he returned to The Netherlands for three weeks, which we had spent together non-separated. Our love grew stronger and stronger. And so, our love story continues.

And now the time has come: I am on my way to Ghana to spend six weeks with the one I love, explore the Ghanaian culture and meet new people. But also, to see how I can be able to share my vision on fashion. I’m giving you the opportunity to follow this journey right here on celmatique.com, by posting at least 3 articles a week. May our story be an inspiration to others. Follow your heart, even when it leads you across the border. Take risks.

Distance can’t stop what’s meant to be.


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