It’s been four days since I arrived here in Ghana. Which means: it’s time to write about my first impression!

Warm welcome
Ghana gave me a warm welcome. While I was on the plane I already had a nice chat with the two people sitting next to me. They were both traveling alone to visit their family. And as I got closer and closer to Accra, I realized this was it. This is my life right now. I will see Charles in a few minutes. After a six-hour flight I got out of the plane and made acquaintance with the tropical heat.

Seeing him at the airport
But… those minutes turned into hours. It took a while to get through the immigration service, find both of my suitcases and reach the end of the hallway. I walked outside to embrace the heat once more. Once outside I saw a bunch of unknown people in a half circle standing around me. The only thing that went through my mind while I was looking around the crowd was: ‘Where is Charles, where is he?’ And boom: there he was, standing in front of me. Moments like these can’t possibly be captured in pictures, but will be in my heart and mind forever. Holding him in my arms is the best feeling in the world.

First meetings
The next morning, on Friday, Charles had to leave to work for a few hours and so he dropped me of at his family house. I met his twin sister Subrine for the first time. It’s so funny to see his environment in real life instead of in pictures. Charles’s cousin Jaouhara and her boyfriend Gerrit also arrived in Ghana the day before. It was nice to hang out with them while Charles was away. On Saturday me and Charles spent our afternoon at a natural black hair event called Afrotastic. Thank you Dela for the invitation! Meanwhile Charles’s sister was busy organizing a birthday party, where I met a big part of the family and also a few friends. Everyone is so kind to me. It feels good to be here.


Gerrit and Jaouhara

Beautiful ladies: Jaouhara and Subrine

That's love

Mr. Browns

Mr. Browns


The Quartey’s, picture by Gerrit


Picture by Gerrit


Vlisco is everywhere and I love it

Look at all those goodies

Even more goodies

This little girl rocked her natural hair with pride

Live panel

Gimme the bottlessss

We’re on the road

Just chillin’


Charles the photo taker

Party preparations




Oma’s garden, so pretty

This. Flower. Yes.

Oh and this one too

Wait, another one?!

Quality time

There will be no ending to this

There will be no ending to this



Dinner is served



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