It’s time for a little relaxation: the ocean, palmtrees, live music and kids dancing. These couple of days were all about the typical holiday feeling.

Ghana has a few hidden treasures. Big Millie’s Backyard is one of them which is located at Kokrobite beach. On Sunday we spent the whole day there. Gosh, how I missed the ocean. I was planning to take a surfing lesson but the waves were so rough… I passed. I’ll give it another shot next weekend. Haha! I did go swimming though. Charles is a very good surfer and he hopes I will be one too some day. Yeah, I hope so too.

The rhythm of Africa
A small group of men started playing live music. The kids on the beach immediately responded and started dancing. How I loved to see that! I was hoping to see the rhythm of Africa and I did! Dancing used to be a big part of my life. Even though it has faded to the background I still hope somewhere within these six weeks someone will upgrade my Azonto skills…

Another great relaxing spot is Labadi Beach Hotel, which has a nice swimming pool. We went there last Tuesday, living the good life: swimming, lunch at the pool, sunbathing in the pool, a little walk on the beach: at that very moment life couldn’t be any better.

Sweet Anna
Charles told me about this little girl Anna, Lizzie’s daughter, who’s the cutest thing ever. I also got a chance to meet her the first time I was at the beach. It’s heartwarming to see him spending time with her. I will probably see her again soon!





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