The market is always a fascinating place in basically every foreign country. Food is such a big part of a culture. I find it very interesting to see the place where true Ghanaian food comes from.

Unfortunately the place doesn’t always put a smile on your face. I actually wasn’t that surprised of the fact that they sell the most craziest things, like cow skin, living snails and meat in big open barrels. It reminded me of Indonesia, where the market is just as alive as it is here in Accra. The crowd, chaos, dirt and the fact they are so impressed about your appearance as a tourist.

Everything takes time
I haven’t mentioned it before, but you do realize you’re in Africa when you see the people living on the street in total poverty. It’s a fact that this country is so far behind from the Western part of the world. But besides all that, it is a great experience realizing all of this. It opens up your eyes and makes you see that the world is so different in so many places.Β Africa has a lot of possibilities to grow and I consider that a good thing. It just takes time… Let the pictures speak for itself once more.

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