This post isn’t about anything I do, but has everything to do with how I feel.

Time flies
I have been in Accra for almost four weeks now and it’s so wonderful that I get to experience this with the one I love. I find it amazing how Charles and I accomplished this together and it’s something I am very proud of (and I know Charles is too). That’s why we both love to share our story.

Love and distractions
Over the time Charles and I have been together I spoke to a lot of people, including my friends. They find it amazing how we manage to do all this, especially in this time where a lot of people lack the courage to fight for love. I think it’s a shame this happens and it happens – in my opinion – because our generation gets distracted very easily. Yes, social media can be a bitch at times. Needless to say, if your relationship is strong enough, social media wouldn’t have to be an issue. It could be another way to express love and maybe even stimulate others to find real love. Note: Charles and I got in touch via social media…

What do you want?
Besides the distractions, people are confused to what it is they really want. Sometimes they don’t know if they are able to pull of a relationship while trying to achieve career goals, education, or just finding out who they are as a human being. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that love is also about timing. You need to be ready, yes! But if you never take a chance, you will never know if you are ready.

Take a step
Life is too short to not mention what you want or to not act like it. So if you’re reading this post and it reminds you of someone but he or she doesn’t know you feel that way about him/her. Make a change, let him/her know. Because I’m telling you, it’s worth the while. Ladies, I was the one who took the first step in my relationship with Charles. Although I actually never did that before, look where it brought me! Trust me, a guy finds it very interesting when you approach them first.

Love is a choice
Now that I found love, I just want to let people know that I am more than thankful and I feel blessed to share this journey. While I’m here so close to Charles, our love is growing stronger each and every day. Love still exists people, it really does. You just have to let it happen. You just have to make a choice.


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