Have you ever been on a holiday while you were on holiday? Haha! I haven’t, but today I will be!

I turned 23 on the 21st of July and Charles – the romantic human being that he is – wanted to do something really special. Something I would remember for the rest of my life. So whilst walking down the Cape Coast beach, he stops for a second and tells me we are going to São Tomé and Principe for three days!

A well kept secret: São Tomé and Principe
São Tomé and Principe is a Portuguese-speaking island. It’s located in the Gulf of Guinea, an hour of the coast of Equatorial Guinea. Charles said that they only opened up the island for tourism around October 2014. So it’s basically still an untouched paradise and a well kept secret.

Ultimate relaxation
Since I won’t be having internet over there (sooooo relaxing), I’ll be posting new stuff on celmatique when I get back after the 13th of August! Stay tuned because I’m quite sure the pictures will be amazing.

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