Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you wanted or thought they would be. Unfortunately, São Tomé and Príncipe had to wait ..

Change of plan
Charles and I have been on a roll ever since we kicked it off as a couple. Yes, all that we wanted and planned went perfect and the road to Rome seemed like a straight highway. After arranging the flight tickets, accommodation and changing my Ghanaian single visa to a multiple re-entry visa, we we’re ready to go. Until the moment we arrived at the airport… “May I see your visa for São Tomé?” the guy said. “Eh, the person I had contact with told me it wasn’t necessary. That we could also arrange the visa at arrival”, Charles responded. I felt my heart pounding. “No, you need the visa now.” Fuck.

It was about 2.30 pm. Our flight was boarding in one hour. We we’re running around like two retarded monkeys. Calling, rushing, calling again, but it was too late. Once we got to the gate (yes I know, we we’re so close…), our luggage was already being offloaded.

‘You’re the best gift’
I feel sorry for Charles because the trip to São Tomé was his mini vacation. I’m on holiday but Charles still needs to work on a daily base. You can imagine how all of this made Charles feel. “This was your birthday gift. How can I be so stupid. I am so sorry”. But I could never blame him. First of all, I am already spending a big part of my summer holiday abroad. Second and most important, we’re together. I have absolutely nothing to be unhappy about. He is my best gift anyway. Of course it’s a shame, but we gon’ be alright.

New plan
So, what do we do then? We tried to change our tickets. But since we’re still waiting for our visa approval, we won’t make it on the next flight. Charles came up with the idea to go to Lou Moon Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. “Babe, let’s just forget about it. I don’t want you to spend even more money. We can just go to Kokrobite again, stay there for the weekend and quit the planning”, I said to him. The hug that followed was pretty intense and I realized: nothing can destroy my happiness as long as we’re together. It may sound so cheesy, but I mean it.

Guys, the weekend is just a few days away. May you have a wonderful end of the week! I know we will!


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