This was it guys. Celmatique in Afrique for so far. I’m flying back to the Netherlands tonight. I can’t believe six weeks have passed since I arrived here in Accra.

‘So, how do you find Ghana?!’
I know everyone wants to know the answer to that question. Well, I’ll tell you: Ghana fascinated me, it inspired me and it made me appreciate certain things in life a lot more. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for the world. It has been a great pleasure to be able to meet (almost) all of Charles’s family, to see the projects he’s been working on for so long and with so much dedication. He is working so hard, now i know. But it was also great to meet the people he hangs out with when he has time off, to finally watch him surf which he loves so much and to discover this country in a way not everyone will ever have the chance to. From feeling the warmth and the wind to experience the chaos, crowdedness, Ghanaian food, crazy traffic and … even light off. I completely understand how much it sucks to not have electricity when you come home from a hard days of work. But together, chilling in the bedroom, having deep conversations with candle light and open windows, no, I wouldn’t wanted to have miss that either. And yes, I will be coming back to Ghana as soon as the chance arises! But stay tuned people! There will be a next trip coming up in September. Which will also be a very exciting one …

We did it
I can’t say it enough but I am so grateful and so very happy that I was able to do this with the person that I love. I know Charles for almost a year now and our relationship has definitely grown stronger, especially since I came here. It made me realize how beautiful life can be and sometimes it feels so surreal. This is the sweetest reality I’ve ever known. We really made it happen and – if I may say so – I am so proud of us. We freaking did it. And the best thing? This is just the beginning.

The real Africa experience
So far you’ve only seen pictures on celmatique.com to get a glimpse of how my life is here these past couple of weeks. But, there’s also a video! Jaouhara and her boyfriend Gerrit left Ghana three weeks ago. But while they were here, we captured a lot of great things with Gerrits Go Pro camera. I’m telling you, the video is worth watching. It will make you smile and probably put you on the next flight to Ghana. (Scroll all the way down for the vid.)

Thank you
I want to thank the Quartey family for literally everything: for this amazing experience, for their warm welcome, their love and kindness and so much more. Words come short. I will see you soon.


  1. what a lovely couple….yet yah time flies…we here love to embrace you soon Celeste and know that
    time also will come soon again you both will be together again!….. hope to be able to meet the Quartey family in near future! Have a safe flight XXX

  2. I enjoyed reading about your journey in Africa . I kept on saying I need to sleep cause it’s like 1am but I was so drawn and couldn’t help but keep on clicking to the next page . Beautiful love story .

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