New York is a very inspiring place and it’s definitely one of the most impressing city’s I have ever been. But I’m not only interested in the sightseeing, architecture, buildings and culture of NYC. I also love to connect with people.

This generation is the generation of the internet and of course .. social media. Sometimes I just hate it, because you’ll be running around with your phone all day and we all lose focus very easily. At other times, I realize how powerful it can be in a good way. Instagram for instance is amazing when it comes to connecting with people. That’s why, a few weeks back, I called out to see if there were any New Yorkers willing to meet me while I’m here and I got a lot of sweet and enthusiastic e-mails. Eventually, I didn’t even had the time to meet all of you, but I really want to thank everyone for their interest! I hope we can still meet another time in the near future.

Curls in overload
After adjusting some plans with my family, I finally did get a chance to meet two beautiful souls: Curt and Edgy. It was so fun and nice to hang out with you! This is what I love the most about traveling. Curt took some nice pictures of Edgy and me as well (and all you see is hair, haha!) I’m curious what you guys think of these pics!

NYC all the way
In such a short period of time, six days to be exact, I have seen quite a lot: from Times Square to the Empire State building, Ground Zero, Central Park, Wall Street, the High Line (that was so nice!), New Jersey, Brooklyn and sooooo much more. I think my favorite neighborhood in NYC (what I’ve seen so far) is Meatpacking district. It’s so cozy, such good vibes. I also love how the people in the US are so very kind. Yeah guys, NYC is worth the visit. This was my first time there, but certainly not my last! Now enjoy all the pics and tell me what you think!

view from the high line












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