We are traveling back and forth across the world to see each other for short periods of time. But even when Charles is 3728 miles away from me, I get to feel how much he loves me each and every single day. Luckily we we’re able to spent some time together again in the past three weeks.

I can’t say enough how proud I am of us and how grateful I am to have found Charles. He is the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. We match like sushi and soy sauce. Like tea and cookies, like summer and ice cream … Yeah you get the point. We can have endless deep conversations about life, or just super foolish and stupid ones, while we’re acting crazy (which we both are so very good at). Two of one kind.

At this very moment Charles is already back in Ghana. And of course, our time together has been wayyyyy too short. Nevertheless, it won’t take that long for us to see each other again. At the end of December he will be back in Holland for New Year’s Eve, our one year anniversary and the ski holiday!

After that, I am planning to go back to Ghana with him for a couple of weeks. It feels good to know ‘home’ isn’t about being at a certain place, but being with the right person.

Enjoy the beautiful (and fun) pictures my friends took of us. Thank you Niké and Elyse for capturing our moments!






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