When it comes to detail, designer Ellen Haeser – not to mention my mother – knows best. Her recent work, consisting of over 16 outfits, shows us the upcoming fashion trends for summer 2016.

Inspired by the fashion shows – presented in New York, London, Milan and Paris – designer Ellen Haeser created her recent work. The collection varies from eccentric maximalism to modern down-to-earth concepts, to design rooted in textile craftsmanship.

As Ellen describes: The urge to break rules and the fact that the culture of couture is affecting ready-to-wear can give an exciting boost to the entire fashion industry. And that’s good news!

Fashion is not dead at all and shows us again that it’s a powerful force for creative freedom of expression and is able to translate a changing society in an aesthetically beautiful way.

What you see is the use of Age-old textile techniques – like dyeing, crocheting, stitching, patch working, embroidery and applique. Favorites pieces are billowing feminine dresses, fantasy pants, small jackets and charming girly dresses made from micro-floral multicolored patchworks. But also finely worked lace, fluid silk, satin, organza and knitted qualities.

For the next summer season the old and the new come together in extremely romantic dresses, full skirts, bodice-like tops, puffed sleeves and the use of frills, bows and ribbons in delicate fabrics. Also the use of graphics give a certain type of new energy. The choice of fabrics is extensive with knits, jersey, organza, chiffon, cotton and 3D surfaces.

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